What is Drone Photography?

Drone photography is also known as Aerial Photography (aka Airborne Imagery) is the taking of images and video footage from an aircraft or other flying object.

Drone photography more commonly today is the capture of both still images and videography from a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) remotely operated and often enables a first-person view ( FPV ) that would normally be impossible to achieve.

Drone ( Ariel ) photography and videography is breathing new life into today’s modern marketing campaigns.

Drone videography is being used in everything from major campaigns by international brands, to promotional videos by small businesses that are produced on a much more modest budget in industries from tourism, transport to real estate.

In the commercial world, there are 2 primary functions when it comes to drones and their purpose. These are Commercial Drone Data Collection and Commercial Drone Deliverables.

What are Commercial Drones Being Used to Create?

Some of the most common deliverables created from drone data in commercial use are:

· Photos and videos. The most common deliverables for commercial drone work are still photography images and videos. These are generally used for professional photography/videography purposes (such as weddings, events or family photo shoots), aerial shots of real estate to help market it, or even high-end cinematography for work in filmmaking.

· 3D maps. 3D maps are becoming a common deliverable for drone data across various industries, helping people to better visualize the spaces in which they’re working.

· Orthomosaics. Orthomosaic is a photo representation of an area created by digitally stitching together several images. Orthomosaics are primarily used in construction to visualize proposed and existing building sites, in public safety to record the details of places where large groups of people commonly gather.

· Actionable reports. In some industries a report produced from drone data could include a report generated by industry-specific software.

What are the most common industries using Drone Photography and Videography today?

Here are the top 7 Industries using Drone Photography and Videography today.

· Agriculture & Conservation – Drones are being used to collect data on their crops and use the data to improve on their yearly yields. In conservation, drones are assisting in efforts by providing detailed vegetation maps to track forestry growth and water supply.

· Construction – Drones are streamlining the mapping and surveying time on construction sites, allowing real-time maps of progress for sites.

· Delivery – Medical drone delivery is taking place in throughout the world.

· Film Making – For many years now high-end drones have replaced the use of helicopters to capture aerial feature shots. Making it more accessible, safer and inexpensive.

· Mining – Improving safety, miners have been using indoor drones to create maps of their mines.

· Insurance – Drones across the world are assisting insurance companies in processing claims, especially after large scale natural disasters and processing roof damage claims.

· Sewer Maintenance – Indoor drones are helping inspectors enter sewer systems without entering them physically. Assisting in locating problems and mapping out maintenance.

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