Top 5 Reasons Tradesmen Need a Website.

Many tradesmen will tell you “I don’t need a website I’m a tradesman!” This justifying their decision to not have a website. But, did you know, it’s estimated there are approximately 70,000 searches on Google, every second of every day? That’s 5.8 billion searches per day. That’s a huge number of searches to miss out on potential business. A website for tradesmen today is not a luxury they can go without, despite many thinking their social media presence is enough.

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We all know the internet is a great marketing tool any business can simply not ignore, every business in every industry needs a website. Gone are the days where tradesmen would post ads in their local newspaper or even the Yellow Pages to generate a few calls. Today most people quite simply just don’t use those tools anymore. Everyone “Google’s It”. Google is the worlds most trusted tool when it comes to searching for local trades businesses.

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If your trades business is not amongst the search engine results, you’re losing potential clients to your competitors who have already invested in a website. Don’t believe us? Here are the top 5 reasons why tradesmen need a website.

Having a website gives your business a professional first impression.

As a trades business owner, you need to attract new customers whilst retaining existing ones. Having your own website allows you to tell your prospective customers how good you are, what you offer and display your portfolio. This gives your brand a professional and approachable look and feel. Remember, new customers don’t know a thing about your business and first impressions count!

A website lets people find you twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

Having a website allows your potential trade customers to find your business 24 hours, 7 days a week, making it easy for them to locate your business when they need it most. It also means you are always there for your customers. Improve your visibility with optimised SEO, speak to our friendly team of specialists and see how you can improve your website's visibility today.

People will Google your business after seeing your vehicle or works.

Many if not most trades will have a marked trades vehicle that many people have seen out and about, including your potential customers. Whilst many potential trades customers may forget details, they will remember your business name and they will Google it later. Can you imagine their disappointment if your business is not amongst the search results because you don’t have a website?

Display your portfolio and customer testimonials.

Customers always want to see what they are getting for their money before they commit to choosing their service and tradesperson. For tradesmen, you need to be able to show your previous work and customer testimonials using a website. High quality, real images, videos and previous customer experiences is a must for potential future customers.

Customers won’t miss out on important information.

Keeping your customers informed on social media is not very effective, your information may be seen by many people not seeking your service. A website allows you to keep your quality customers updated with access to all the important information they may need about your business.

Want to know how our team at Final Stage Media can help elevate your trades business with an online presence? Contact us, and we can show you our specialty trades portfolio with proven great results today!

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