The top 5 things you should consider when it comes to Web Design.

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Web design primarily has 5 basic elements, each of these five elements contributes to the overall website user experience. Together you must ensure none of these five elements is lacking and impacts the overall website user experience.

What are the 5 basic elements when it comes to website design?

· Content.

· Usability.

· Aesthetics.

· Visibility.

· Interaction.

1. Content. Content. Content. You’ve probably heard this many times before, ‘Content is King!’ And there is no denying it when it plays the primary role in SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) this is one of the primary reasons people will visit your website. It is very important to focus a substantial amount of effort into creating unique, first-class content for your website ( or pay someone to do this. ) The type of content you should include on your website is videos, high-resolution imagery, relevant news and information – all the information that will keep your users engaged and on your website for longer, also minimising the bounce rate.

2. Usability. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, how many clicks to find what the user is looking for? Is the website responsive and accessible? Please note; users will never notice a great user-friendly website, but they will instantly recognise a bad one and can make them instantly leave your website! Bear in mind the user should know where they are at all times, and should be able to find what they are seeking with minimal effort. Try to anticipate your users thinking and fulfil their needs with as minimal effort on their behalf as possible.

3. Aesthetics. Having a visually pleasing, up to date, a responsive website is crucial to the overall success of your website. The visual appeal of your website increases your brand's credibility and brand awareness. Ensure your website reflects your brand, who you are as a business, is consistent across all pages and visually connects with your intended audience.

4. Visibility. Even if your website is the most user-friendly and aesthetic website on the internet it will be unsuccessful if you cannot be found! Your website's visibility and presence via SEO, Social Media, press releases and email marketing are vital to the overall success and presence of your website. Ensure you understand how to be found, how to utilise your content and what platforms to target. There are many factors that can impact where your website appears on search engines, so make sure you have a marketing strategy in place.

Here are 3 ways you can boost your websites SEO.

5. Interaction. Does your website engage with your audience? Does it hold their attention? Is it easy for them to contact you or make a purchase? Remember your website is not there for show. It’s there to increase your business growth via both sales and generating leads. We want to encourage them to contact you via phone or email so you can take the next step. How easy is it for your clients to get in touch?

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