8 Types of Small Businesses That Need a Website.

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Gone are the days where we’d pull out the heavy Yellow Pages and search for the service we were seeking. Today, if we’re looking for something we simply ‘Google It’. We could be searching for a specific service, products, information and so much more from the convenience and comfort of our phones, tablets and computers.

It’s currently estimated there are approximately 70,000 searches on Google per second, that’s a lot of potential people looking for your business. Currently, there is 70-80% of potential customers being lost to small business without websites because people research a business online before visiting or making a purchase.

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Like any business, big and small we’re always looking for ways to expand and reach new customers. A whopping 36% of small businesses currently don’t have a website, and 44% of small businesses are planning to create one. It is now more than ever that small business needs to have an online presence with all face to face transactions halted by the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world.

What are the 3 main reasons small businesses don’t have a website?

Whilst each and every small business different, when it comes to making the decision not to have a website small business came up with many reasons why, here are the top 3;

1. A website is not relevant to my industry.

2. A website is too expensive.

3. I have my business on social media, I don’t need a website.

Final Stage Media Website Costs

When it comes to cost, it is true that small businesses generally have smaller budgets, so they may find it difficult to justify another expense. However, today there are many affordable ways to get your small business online, get in touch with our friendly team here at Final Stage Media and we can discuss a budget-friendly website solution for you.

As far as your business not being relevant to having a website, all businesses in all industries should have a website. Websites are for everyone!

Top 8 Small and Micro Businesses that need to have a website.


• Plumbers

• Electricians

• Roofers

• Plasterers

• Boilermakers

• Landscapers

• Carpenters

• Painters

• Carpet Installers

Hair & Beauty

• Nail Artistry

• Hairdressers

• Eyebrow Technicians

• Lash Artistry


• Micro

• Mega

• Advocates

• Referrers


• Candle Makers

• Sugar Cookies

• Cupcakes


• Personal Trainers

• Fitness Studios

• Meal Planners


Automotive Professionals


Having a website is the amazing tool every business needs to get more customers, with 68% of people who searched a service or store visiting or calling within the first 24 hours, and 50% of these consumers making a purchase within a day!

Is your business on the list above? Have you got an active website? If you have, congratulations you’re amongst the 64% of Small Businesses that are potentially visible to new customers. Do you want your website to be seen more, reaching a larger spectrum of potential quality leads? Get in touch with our friendly team and find out how we can optimise your website with SEO.

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