5 Reasons You Need a Website for Your Small Business.

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Many small businesses run a tight operation, especially new small businesses. Money is only spent on what is needed, focusing on fundamental requirements and important matters. For many small businesses, there is the perception that websites are a luxury item they can afford to do without, believing social media presence is enough.

A well put together website is the best way exhibit your business, and what you’re about. It is an affordable, fundamental tool every small business needs to have.

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5 Reasons You Need a Website for Your Small Business.

1. A Website is your businesses marketing tool.

Your businesses website is where you marketing should start and finish, a central hub for all of your business’s information and a portfolio of what you have to offer. Your website should come first before anything else; any secondary marketing tools should direct your business right to your website. Yes, that means business cards, google ads, posters and directory listings all funnel your traffic back to your website.

Having a website means you are in control; you have a medium to share your brand with your potential clients and tell them exactly what you’re about. You can control your businesses narrative.

2. A website builds your brands credibility.

Customers trust businesses with a website. Small businesses that have invested in a website create a visible, credible and legitimate business to the public. If someone searches for your business online and can’t find you it makes your business appear dated and most of all untrustworthy. Losing credibility is the fastest way to lose potential customers.

3. A website displays your products and services.

Think of your website as a digital brochure, a professional portfolio of what your business has to offer. You can share all your up to date information, specials and offers 24 hours a day without needing any staff. Effectively if you have an eCommerce business you can make sales anywhere at anytime simply by having a website. If you have a service-based business you can secure booking online and generate high quality leads with contact forms.

4. A website connects with potential customers.

A small business website will have potential clients and customers find you. With over 70,000 searches on Google per second worldwide, having a website makes your business visible to these searches relevant to your industry. Good SEO can make your website rank higher than your competitors, meaning you show up first on search engines.

5. A website can be simple to create and set up with a professional.

It can be daunting the thought of starting your own website, but the rewards of having one will elevate your business to the next level. Websites are completely customisable and with the right developer can be a stress-free rewarding exercise. Building and maintain a website is easier and cheaper than ever. If you’re thinking about taking your small business to the next level with a high quality, user friendly responsive website get in touch with the team at Final Stage Media today. We’ve got a wide range of Small business Website Solutions for you to explore. Stop putting it off, the time is now.

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