5 Reasons Blogging is Important for Your Small Business.

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In today’s social media marketing environment blogging is important. Today we explore the top 5 reasons why blogging is an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Blog writing is a very powerful part of your business’ online content and can give you endless benefits when done right. One of the most important reasons small businesses invest their time and resources into blogging is to drive traffic into their website, because the more people that see your website, equal more potential clients and customers you have. In turn, these potential clients and customers are more opportunities for your business to grow in sales and conversions. Do you blog on your website?

Here are 5 top reasons blogging is important for your small business, and why if you haven’t started you should start now!

Increase your small businesses Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Blog writing increases your websites SEO. Fresh content is the key when it comes to beating your competitors on search engine results pages such as Google and Bing.

When blog writing always ensure you do your research and start by listing out relevant topics, keywords and categories you would like your business to be found within. Blogging regularly about your industry will organically increase your search keywords, the more intent you are with your keywords, the better your results.

Blogs are great content for your social media platforms.

Blogs are a great way to attract new potential clients or customers from your social media platforms. A blog posts with an aesthetically pleasing image can be shared on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. This also allows people to share your business within their social communities increasing traffic to your website.

Hot Tip: Using older blog posts is a wonderful way to ensure your small business is keeping your social media presence active.

Blog posts can generate leads for your business.

By blogging on topics relevant to your businesses industry and sharing them on your social media platforms you are increasing traffic to your website. You now have the opportunity to convert this traffic into leads with well-placed, user friendly call to action functions.

Always remember every blog page you write is another page indexed by search engines, making each post a new conversion opportunity! Bear in mind, not all traffic from your blogs will become leads, and that is perfectly okay. No one converts 100% of their reads into sales.

Blogging for your small business drives long term results.

Some of the best blogs written and viewed are blogs that answer commonly asked questions about your business many people have. By creating valuable, relevant content for your target audience it can establish your business as a business leader in the eyes of the consumer. You can also use these educational and informative blogs to send to potential clients when they have questions or need something clarified.

Blogging on your website helps with link building.

Google has over 200 factors they take into consideration when ranking a website on its search engine results page. Inbound and outbound links are one of the top 5 algorithm factors taken into consideration. Links from high ranking authoritative websites give your website a vote of confidence, and let’s search engines know you are trustworthy and knowledgeable in your industry. Blogging is a prime opportunity for other websites to link back to yours.

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