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Our Social Media setup packages

Do you see the value of setting up on the social networks in a professional manner right on social media from the outset?

Are you set up already in some social networks but wish to ensure they are established correctly, professionally and optimised to perform?

Perhaps you wish to diversify into other social media networks but are not sure what the best move would be? Check out our great social media packages below as some guidelines of what we can do, however please note we can also offer custom social media set up and optimisation packages in line with your unique needs.

Facebook Channel Setup


Creating x1 Facebook Page to be reflective of your brand + offerings & utilising all available & relevant features for your line of business.

Items included depend on your industry and the current status of your account but will generally include:

– Creating relevant Page type/Gaining access to your FB Business Page

– Reviewing / amending Page Settings + Templates & Tabs to ensure relevant selections are made

- Review and updating page categories

– Writing/reviewing & updating your ABOUT TAB including Company Overview + Description + ‘Our Story’ section

– Adding/Updating your profile image + cover graphic and adding new imagery where relevant

– Adding/Updating Call to Action button

– Adding/Updating all contact information and updating where necessary

– Adding/Updating your Instagram where relevant

– Adding Top Fans badge if not already done

– Adding/Updating your photos with any better ones/removing irrelevant or poor quality images, selecting your feature images for the page

– Reviewing and updating your inbox settings. Adding any relevant automated responses

– Establishing ‘Pages to Watch’ – benchmarking your Facebook page against your competitors so you can track progress over time

– Providing a debrief email explaining all items performed & any actions arising

Instagram Channel Setup


Creating x1 Instagram Business Profile to be reflective of your brand + offerings & utilising all available & relevant features for your line of business.


– Establish Instagram Business channel including development of suitable Instagram profile image + bio content within character count + hashtags

– Add relevant key business information i.e. phone, address, website etc (we may include a specific website link on the site for the promotion)

– Identify appropriate channel username + securing it

– Connecting your Instagram page to other relevant social channels (on provision of correct log ins) so you choose to post all or some posts across channels

– Prepare your ’tile style’ – x9 tiles with 2 layout options and place in situ so you can see how it will look once loaded up – this is based on supply of workable brand assets, brand style guide + images or videos. If images or videos need to be sourced, or brand assets manipulated to achieve desired look, additional charges may apply

– Up to x1 round of amends/feedback (further rounds may incur additional fees)

– Hashtags: Identify suitable hashtag sets to use for future posting i.e. location related, industry related, service related etc.

– Establish Instagram scheduling tool

– Supply of username/password of account for your records


How can Graphic Design

help your business?

Your Logo is one of the first things that should be considered when designing a marketing strategy for your brand, it is the main face of your business. Capturing the essence of your business in small image is quite a challenging feat. A logo needs to embody the essence of the business it represents. It is the most visually exposed representation of your business and should have a design that is timeless, and respond to both current and future branding needs. We always think of Design Adaptability, so your logo design can fit into many different situations and scenarios.

Besides an excellent logo, there are other visual elements of your company’s branding that usually need to be created as well. Our firm will make your company look better than you could have imagined. We will apply a unified theme to all aspects of the marketing campaign from the website, to print media and online promotional efforts.

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